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Annual Donors

We would like to recognize our all the donors who participated in our 2022-2023 Annual Appeal! 

Individual Donors

Bartlett, Oliver

Borts, Lee
Cacchione, Carol
Clark, SCott
Connelly, Kevin
Coolidge, Peter
Cooper, hilma
Currier, joy
Decamp, Amy
Decamp, Robert
Doganiero, Rick
Dziengowski, Ida Mae

Goehring, Keith

Gray, Olga

Griggs, John
Hilfiger, Janie
Hoose, Hal
Jungquist, Carla
Maggiore, Suzanne
McKnight, Bev
McKnight, Anne
Prough, Florence
Seelye, Eugene
Voigtland, Ken
Walrath, Mary
Walrath, Thomas
York, Alene

Corporate DOnors

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