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The Deane Center for the Performing Arts began with a dream and a One Million-Dollar gift from Harold and Ivah Deane, for whom the center is named. Their vision was to create a home for the arts in Tioga County that would enrich the lives of countless people, young and old, for many years to come.

Since then, the Deane Center for the Performing Arts has been a vibrant part of the Tioga County community as well as the surrounding areas. Anyone can take a class, see a show, or enjoy live entertainment almost weekly. We have the state-of-the-art Coolidge Theatre, where most of our concerts are held, plus other performance venues including our most recent outdoor stage! 


Musicians, artists, dancers, actors and everyone interested in the fine and performing arts can gather to rehearse, perform and enjoy all theater! We sponsor free programs such as Deane Little Beans for children and Golden Afternoons for Senior Citizens. We are the home venue of the EMMF, WCCA, Hamilton-Gibson Productions, Wellsboro Men's Chorus, Wellsboro Women's Chorus, Beck's Bistro, Arise Cafe, and Indigo Wireless.

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Harold and Ivah Deane


OUr Mission

The Deane Center for the Performing Arts is dedicated to providing a venue for programs and classes and offering exceptional arts and entertainment that nurture the diverse interests of Tioga County and the surrounding region for the benefit of the community and the performing arts. 

OUr vision  

The Deane Center for the Performing Arts is dedicated to providing a thriving venue within Tioga County to benefit and strength the community and the arts. 


2024 board of directors

Shawn Bryant, President

Carla Jungquist, Vice President

Scott Bastian, Treasurer

Dr. Enrico Doganiero, Secretary

Alan Acker

Amy DeCamp

Amy Wood

Bill Hebe

Charity Frantz

Daria Lin-Guelig

Flori Prough

Janie Hilfiger

Karin Knaus

Nathan Coolidge

Rachel Smith

Scott Clark

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