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Celia Celebrating her Birthday in 2020

Celia J. Finestone Memorial Music Park

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The community park will feature a variety of outdoor instruments designed for children of all ages. The current goal is to install 4-6 Freenotes Harmony instruments, including a harp, along with a small flowerbed that will feature a commemorative plaque. The  instruments are made of steel and can be played by anyone age 3-100. Community residents and visitors will be able to explore music making in the open air. The Park will be located on the Deane Center side lot.


The Deane Center, a 501(c)3, is raising funds for the Celia J. Finestone Music Park with the help of Celia's family and many friends and the community. Their input, planning and helping to get the word out about fund raising efforts and plans are invaluable in bringing the realization of this project. Celia was a very community minded multifaceted person who enlightened the lives of all those fortunate to have known her. 


If you wish to donate by credit or debit card click the donate button at the top left of this page or call our office at 570-724-6220. If you wish to donate by check our mailing address is Deane Center, PO Box 102, Wellsboro, PA 16901. Please make checks payable to the Deane Center and add a note in the memo that you wish to donate to The Celia J. Finestone Memorial Music Park. If you have any questions or for more information please phone the Deane Center at 570-724-6220.







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Celia J. Finestone (1935-2020)

Mrs. Celia Finestone was a long time resident of Wellsboro. She lived in the community from 1989 until her passing at the age of 85 in 2020. She was a nurse for 62 years, and liked to say, "music is a kind of healing medicine for the soul. Her hands brought more than 2,000 babies to life ,in addition to her own 5 children.  She was proud of having given assistance to this life-affirming process.


Celia was also an accomplished musician. She mastered many instruments among them the piano, organ, cello and harp. Learning to play the harp was a cherished ambition she pursued after her

retirement. In the process Celia discovered

wonderful musicians who not only guided her

through awkward learning stages but

who became dear friends.










 Celia giving a high-five to a friend

She was happiest when making music 

with others or when contributing to the  development of a loving musical

foundation in children. She also frequently gave solace to others while playing soothing harp music to hospital patients or to those grieving a loved one. 


Celia was also active in local music groups, notably the Wednesday Morning Musicales and the Mansfield University Festival Chorus. She felt a debt of gratitude for the excellent work they do while presenting live music and derived joy in her part of these performances. She said "Making music is a public service while also shoring up one's anxious soul in sharing it".

​Celia always did her best to enliven the spirits of whomever she met with pride in being a resident of Wellsboro, a town she loved deeply. Always inspired to bring cheerful kindness in service to others, doing her utmost to bring comfort and musical healing to people. Those that were lucky enough to know say she'd consider the music park a way for her to fondly  bless Wellsboro and the communities generous support of the arts. Anyone who knew Celia knows she would be profoundly honored and touched in having the Celia J. Finestone Music Park established and dedicated in her memory.

Celia with Small Child