The Deane Center Live Music and Events!

Important Notice from the Director


Handling of Table Reservations


Our BYOB format for indoor concerts which allows ticket buyers to reserve a table has become very popular. People clearly feel it is a good value, allowing you to enjoy a great concert knowing you have a table reserved for you and friends, and you’re able to bring your own snacks and beverages. We think it sets us apart from some of the other arts centers.


While that format is popular it is also costlier and more labor intensive than a traditional theater format. Simply put, for several reasons, the cost per seat is higher than if we left the theater in a traditional format with rows of open seating. This at a time, when our nonprofit facility is maturing, meaning the cost of operating and maintaining it is increasing. To help deal with those expenses, effective July 9th, we will be imposing a small handling fee for those who want to reserve their own table as part of their ticket purchase. For a small table that seats up to 4 the one-time fee is $5. For a large table seating up to 8 the fee is $10. Note this is a one-time fee, so no matter how many people are purchasing tickets for a table the fee is paid one time by the person making the reservation. It works out to about $1.25 per person. A small price to have your own table close to the stage. Tables reserved before July 9th will not pay the fee.


On another note, if more than half the tables are reserved at less than their capacity (6-8 for large and 3-4 for small) it can significantly limit our potential ticket sales. So, encourage a friend or other couple to join you. Finally, as you already know, at the time you make the reservation at least half the potential tickets have to be paid for. For a small table that is 2, for a large at least 4.


We hope you agree that this fee is understandable and modest. To be able to enjoy a great show, at a reserved table, bringing your own snacks and beverages, is still a great value. We appreciate your support. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at 570-724-6220 or

Event Ticket Policies

In many cases, payment to a band is determined by the number of tickets sold. Often as part of a ticket purchase tables are reserved, taking the tables out of inventory. Therefore, unless the Deane Center initiates a decision to cancel a show, tickets are not refundable.

Under certain circumstances, a credit may be applied that can be used towards another Deane Center show. Such a credit is valid up to six months.


The Deane Center FREE Summer Concert Series is returning!

We are pleased to bring you more live music for summer 2021. The concerts are FREE, donations are very much appreciated. All concerts will begin around 6:15PM and will be held on our outdoor stage, which is located at the corner of Main St. and East Ave. The Deane Center will not be providing seating so please bring chairs or a blanket. For more information please call 570-724-6220 or email